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2023 Beijing International Automobile Harness and Connector Exhibition

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2023 Beijing International Auto Harness and Connector Expo Organizer: Guangzhou First class Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. ※ The exhibition introduces that the automobile wire harness and connector are the main part of the network of the automobile circuit, bearing the responsibility of transmitting power and electrical signals, and is known as the "blood vessel and nervous system" of automobiles. As an important basic automobile component, the automobile wire harness and connector have benefited from the prosperity of the automobile market over the years and have made great progress. With the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market, driven by the development trends of automobile electrification, intelligence and networking, the market demand for automobile wire harness and connector will further increase. Auto parts are the basis for the development of the auto industry. New energy auto parts will gradually become an important element of the entire auto parts industry. The rapid development of China's new energy auto industry has provided a solid industrial foundation and strong market support for the auto wire harness and connector industry. China has become the world's largest auto wire harness and connector market. 2023 is an important year for the implementation of the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan". China's automobile industry has entered the road of development from big to strong. The development of the automobile industry is gradually evolving from the improvement of production and sales to a leap in quality. As an important part of the automobile parts industry, the automobile wire harness and connector have been promoted to an important development object in the automobile industry chain. With the gradual popularization of new energy vehicles and the growing maturity of driverless technology, people's demand for automobile safety, entertainment, intelligence and other aspects has been improved, which makes automobile functions increasingly rich, promotes the development of automobile parts towards electronic and intelligent direction, and provides a basis for automobile to achieve leapfrog progress in information interaction, intelligent services and other aspects, Gradually complete the conversion of automobile from "functional machine" to "intelligent machine". The deep development of the electronization of automobile parts will definitely put forward higher quality requirements for automobile wire harness and connector products, which will become the driving force for automobile wire harness and connector enterprises to improve product performance and processing technology, thus promoting the healthy and sustainable development of automobile wire harness and connector industry. In order to promote the promotion, application and economic and trade exchanges of new products, new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment of automobile wire harnesses and connectors, the 2023 Beijing International Automobile Wire Harness and Connectors Exhibition will be held in Beijing • China International Exhibition Center from June 7 to 9, 2023. The exhibition belongs to one of the special exhibitions of the 12th Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing Expo. It focuses on integrating the exploration of innovative products, technologies, solutions and business cooperation models in the field of automobile wire harnesses and connectors, providing a one-stop solution platform for the brand promotion, product display, exchange and cooperation of automobile wire harnesses and connectors enterprises, and helping enterprises to achieve communication and intercommunication throughout the industry chain. As an industry brand event with both scale and influence, the exhibition follows the market development trend, creating an opportunity for domestic and foreign automobile wire harness and connector enterprises to enhance brand awareness and expand the market, giving full play to its role as a window for transmitting market information and exchanging advanced technology, and providing more cooperation opportunities for global automobile wire harness and connector enterprises, We will vigorously promote China's automotive wire harness and connector products to enter the global procurement system, coordinate and cooperate with the automotive industry of other countries, achieve mutual benefit and common development and progress. ※ Exhibit Scope ◆ Connector& Connector: terminal connector, LED waterproof connector, explosion-proof connector, wire connector, circular connector, cable connector, RF coaxial connector, rectangular connector, optical fiber connector, audio connector, computer connector, household appliance connector, military connector, electronic connector, electrical connector, special connector, industrial connector, printed circuit connector, heavy load connector; Plug, socket, switch, terminal, toggle switch, boat switch, button switch, microswitch, rotary switch, keyboard switch, terminal, connector contactor, silicone key, IC round socket, pin, row of pins, electronic switch connector assembly and pin equipment, silver point riveting machine, etc; ◆ Harness and wiring equipment: terminal blocks, insulating sheaths, wires, insulating binding materials, etc; Electronic wire: power line, audio and video line, computer peripheral line, automobile plug wire, wire material, harness, binding wire, electromagnetic wire, sheath wire, line of sight, high-temperature and heat-resistant wire, etc; Nylon cable ties, wiring slots, wiring signs, lugs, terminal blocks, wire buckles, wire fixing heads, fixed seats and other types of wiring equipment; ◆ Wire harness processing equipment: wire cutting and twisting machine, thread cutting, punching machine, integrated wire harness manufacturing system, crimping die base, terminal mold, length detector, terminal crimping machine, wire end processing equipment, pipe cutting machine, terminal machine, injection molding machine, computer peeling machine, wire equipment testing machine, terminal crimping machine, wire stripping and terminal crimping machine, cutting machine, riveting machine, wire processor, terminal hardware detection instrument Automatic harness processing equipment, harness detector, plug tester, terminal section tester, peel strength tester, wire rod and related accessories; ◆ Cable and wire materials and equipment: wire and cable, optical fiber and cable, electronic wire, cable accessories, optical cable accessories, wire production and refining machinery and cable processing equipment, cabling machine and stranding machine, fastener and spring manufacturing and finishing machinery, processing equipment, auxiliary processing materials, wire and cable/optical fiber and cable materials, measurement and control technology, testing engineering related fields. ※ Visitors come from domestic and foreign auto manufacturers, auto industry equipment manufacturers, auto parts and accessories manufacturers, auto parts import and export traders, agents, dealers, 4S stores, end users, modification plants, modification shops, modification stores, auto parts and accessories markets, supermarkets, chain stores, auto maintenance and beauty centers, auto repair centers, auto comprehensive performance testing stations, and auto aftermarket dealers, Experts, scholars, investment companies in the automotive aftermarket chain operation field, and domestic and foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in the automotive aftermarket investment, automotive service industry, auto enthusiasts, car clubs, auto Internet, auto operators, mobile Internet, business institutions, relevant departments in the automotive maintenance and testing industry, automotive transportation departments, government competent departments, auto industry associations, professional media, etc. ※ Exhibition schedule: June 5-6, 2023 Exhibition time: June 7-9, 2023 Exhibition removal time: In the afternoon of June 9, 2023, industry colleagues are welcome to sign up for the exhibition. 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